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If you are looking for some easy Amazon home upgrades you’re in the right place! I have some tried and true Amazon home must haves that I am so happy we installed ourselves.

Lutron Light Dimmers

One of our all time favorite Amazon DIY home upgrades that we have made is installed smart light dimmers in most rooms of our house. These smart dimmers from Amazon are super easy to install and have made such a difference in our home! We are able to set the lights on timers to automatically turn off or on at certain times. We are able to control everything from our phones. They connect with Alexa and are installed to your existing wiring!

Not only can you switch out your light switches for different rooms but you can also use their smart lamp dimmers. These require zero hard wiring and are so easy to use! The lamp kits come with a box that you simply plug into an outlet. Then you can plug your lamp into that box and start controlling the lights! So quick and painless. 

My favorite way to use the Lutron lights is to set specific times for my kitchen and dining lights to come on in the morning. I don’t want to be blasted with lighting at 6am so I set my Lutron to softly turn on the kitchen lights followed by the dining room lights and when I come downstairs the rooms are perfect.

We also often use the Lutron App to turn on a lamp for our dogs if we aren’t coming home until after dark. So amazing and definitely worth a mention in my Amazon home finds list.


Chamberlin MyQ Smart Garage Control

When we moved into our new build our garage did not come with an automatic opener. So I got to work researching automatic garage door openers. I found the Chamberlin MyQ garage setup and immediately knew I wanted it! This Amazon home find is one of my all time favorites. It’s a smart garage door opener that you can control from anywhere in the country. No more worrying if you can’t remember if you shut the garage door. Your free app will let you know!

If you already have an automatic garage door opener you can buy this hub and sensor and connect it to your existing opener. For $30 it’s almost a no brainer. Just be sure your existing overhead garage opener is compatible!

If you need the overhead garage component as well, you can get that on Amazon, too! It’s less than $300 and so worth in my opinion. We did opt to have it professionally installed as it seemed a little over our heads!

Smart Shades From Amazon

This is another Amazon home must have that is a no brainier. The cost of custom blinds or shades can get crazy! My window blinds are custom cut, motorized, and so easy to install.

I added blackout shades to my dining room and 60% blackout shades to my kitchen window! I’m able to control them both from the same remote or Alexa. You simply install the bracket with a few screws and clip in the shades, it’s really that easy! They are rechargeable so there’s no need to worry about cords dangling down from the tops of your windows, either. One of my favorite Amazon home finds to date!

An Amazing Quartz Single Bowl Sink

Do you have one of those shallow, two sided, stainless steel sinks? I did too and I hated it! I swapped out that sink with a black quartz single bowl sink and have never looked back! The sink I have is so easy to clean, I literally just use dawn dish soap. It’s stain resistant, scratch resistant, heat resistant and impact resistant. We’ve now had ours installed for nearly a year and a half and have not one scratch or stain!

We self installed both the sink and the faucet ourselves. The sink come with several precut holes so you can decide where you’d like your faucet. Center? Off center? You name it! We chose slightly off centered so we could also install a glass rinser. We love these Amazon home upgrades!

A DIY Epoxy Counter Kit

As many of you know, moving in to a new house can get expensive fast. Especially a new build when often times you have to purchase expensive things like appliances. So after we had moved in I was looking for a budget friendly way to upgrade our kitchen counters. Of course, I was drawn to marble and quartz countertops but those were well out of our price range at the time.

On Amazon I found an epoxy kit that was under $200 and was made to look like marble. It’s a 3 step kit that is made for high traffic areas. I figured it would be a perfect DIY to try! I have to say, nearly two years later I am very impressed with how well it’s held up!

Picture Lights

This is another Amazon home upgrade that is so easy it’s silly! I found picture lights that take your wall photos or art to the next level without hardwiring lights.

For $30, this is an Amazon home hack I wish I would’ve known about sooner! These lights come with a remote so you can set different modes. They run off of batteries and are adjustable!

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